sushi that's not sushi


Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll started In New Zealand with a vision to provide customers an exclusive taste to the traditional sushi where soy sauce was the key element in flavour. To date, there are over 15 Stores throughout New Zealand and its first Flagship store in Melbourne, Australia.

At Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll, we believe that business success is derived from a robust relationship between its Franchise partners. Every Franchise partner is different, this is why we have tailored solutions that will support you through your journey with complete franchise solutions including but not limited to:
  • Product and compliance training
  • National and local store marketing and advertising
  • Accounting and Finance solutions
  • Ongoing Training and management support
  • Franchise owner’s conference
  • Store review and recommendations
  • I.T support and solutions
  • Staff training programmes and selection
  • Business process and modelling
Joining the Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll family will require you:
  • To be practical and enthusiast in succeeding
  • To be energetic, sociable and friendly
  • To have Leadership skill
  • To be creative and think outside the box